ASSIST – Andhra Pradesh

In 2022 FEMI stopped it’s collaborations with Assist for strategic reasons.


Zero-Kap projects in India


ASSIST – Andhra Pradesh

In addition to being a part of the integrated village development, ASSIST also provides microcredits. Zero-kap has provided funds for this purpose in the form of two interest-free loans. The small entrepreneurs (mostly women) pay only 12% interest. These two loans have provided around 3,300 families with the opportunity for a better life by the end of 2017. Assist also financed a weaver cooperative, and manages the distribution, management, and repayment of microfinance in this sector.


Tamil Nadu Women’s Organization for Rural Development provides microcredits to women self-help groups. No new loans have been issued in Tamil Nadu for some time. WORD is in the process of reducing its obligations, but the corona and subsequent drought have made repayment difficult for these borrowers, particularly women. Given the circumstances, ZEROKAP has been patient with these repayments.